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About the game:
Title: Marvel Heroes
Status: Offline Graphics: 3D
Developer: Gazillion Entertainment
Publisher: Marvel

Explosive Features:

  • Based on the popular Marvel comic universe
  • Diablo style dungeon crawling
  • Voice acted motion comics

Marvel Heroes is an 3D Action RPG published by Gazillion Entertainment. Similar to games such as Diablo and Path of Exile, Marvel Heroes lets players assume the identity of one of some of Marvel’s most famous superheroes. Players can choose from a wide variety of superheroes each with their own iconic skills and unique armor.

Players will team up with other superheroes and embark on a custom story written by one of Marvel’s most famous comic book writers, Brian Michael Bendis. The game features unique, fully voice acted motion comic cutscenes which pay homage to classic comic books.

As players level up ingame they will gain access to new abilities which can be swapped out freely, allowing players to customize their superheroes role. Players can unlock new superheroes through random drops which can then be switched to at any time during play (no logout required). New costumes can also be found ingame, but must be crafted with items dropped from random mobs. Depending on what items are used to craft the costume, players can create costumes with unique attributes such as increased health or defenses.

Unlike traditional ARPGs, players can explore and fight evil in some areas of the game without having to party up. Certain areas are not instanced which allows players to team up and fight iconic super-villains which serve as world bosses including Venom and Rhino.

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System Requirements

Marvel Heroes Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Core 2 DUO 2.1 GHz / AMD Athlon X2 2.1 GHZ
Memory Ram: 2GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 10GB of free Space
Video Card: ATI Radeon 3870 / NVIDIA 8800 GT / Intel HD 3000 Integrated Graphics with 512 MB VRAM

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  1. Gazillion entertainment does a disservice to the marvel franchise because this game was designed from the get go to be a cash grab sucking the money out of marvel fans. Boutique pricing for an average quality product. That’s not the worst part of it though – as mentioned in a post here and everywhere else, the community is the worst part of this game, because it is composed by the majority of said fans that have been brainwashed into believing that this company can do no evil and any hint of criticism is met with swarms of abuse from its players and the moderation itself, that will allow fanboyism grow rampant and punish any form of dissention with unreasonable penalties like a 30 day ban for saying that a person is being totally stupid.

    My advice is: do NOT spend a single dime in this game for at least a month or two until you feel secure to do so – otherwise, there’s a chance you might get scammed out of your money.

  2. One of the worst games i’ve played. Not just because the game is mediocre in itself but because it is probably the worst gaming community out there.
    -Everyone in that game is a major Marvel fanboy. They take offense to literally anything that sounds like its against marvel or anything to do with marvel.
    -Everyone in that game is so dumb that they believe all criticism and opinions to be fake unless your a long time vet. (i posted my opinion on the game, stated they were my opinions, and did it politely. And then for the next couple days every reply in that thread was “your just a sock puppet” “try saying all that on your real account” “no new player could create those new opinions”. Like wth? Apparently you cant form an opinion on the game’s content it has you repeating constantly from day 1 if your a newer player. To make things worse the mods allow harrassing to anyone who brings up a negative aspect of the game and will punish the player who brought it up. I had been told of this before i downloaded that game and never believed it till it happened to me. I brought up how the game feels very state for new players due to having to repeat all the content starting from day 1, and how there doesnt seem to be any difficulty present at all. I recieved an infraction for it after the community constantly harrassed me for “being fake” again. (maybe that community never see’s new players so any time they get one its too much for them to handle)

    And aside from that the game is boring. You literally start repeating all the content from day 1. You can complete all the dungeons in a couple minutes, and this is because it has you just skip all the mobs and run straight to the boss that you kill in a few seconds. The only interesting thing the game has is its classes which i did find enjoyable on the one i played (moon knight) but without any enjoyable content to use them in, the uniqueness of the classes become pointless.

    Pretty much any other arpg game out there is better than this pile of junk. From game play to the community this game sits on the bottom. It’s pretty obvious this game was created to bank off the name of Marvel and its franchise. It’s just a shame it was allowed since the Marvel franchise deserves so much better of a game than this. I dont recommend Marvel Heroes to anyone.

  3. Marvel Heroes is actually pretty fun. However that is until you get to the max level. Once at max level trying to gear up your hero is a nightmare. Item drop rate is low as hell so the developer can sell their rare item find potions in the shop. I’ve been farming cosmic mr sinister and killed him some 300 times with 200+% rare item find and gotten nothing for it. Hundreds upon hundreds of boss kills in cosmic patrol zones and all I’ve ever gotten is one Hand of Doom artifact.

    Also crafting in this game is a joke. Once you actually get the item you need, you will need to start rerolling its stats to get it to the best form possible. This can take millions upon millions of credits because the rerolling system is rng based. Get bad luck and you’ll die of old age before you roll the stats you want.

    TLDR: A solid if monotonous game of tightly packed rng.

    • On the note of randomness I should probably also talk about pet affixes and costume affixes.

      Pets in this game give power, they give either flat attributes or % based bonuses. All pets have 5 affix slots. Here’s the kicker tho, each slots have a bunch of different bonuses and each it chooses those on random. What is even better is that it randomly chooses the value of the bonus. So you can get +1 fighting or you can get +3 fighting. Fun right?

      Well then there are also costume affixes. You can craft either defensive or offensive affixes and you have 4 affix slots on your costume. This is where things go fun again.
      Every affix slot has a number of different enchant and it randomly chooses one of those when you add it. And of course it also randoms the value of that enchant. I mean having 1200 critical damage rating or 1600…who cares right?

      Luckily costume cores are a bit different. While the stats and values on these things are also random you can at least see what stats you are about to weld into your costume before you do.

      On a side note it took me 442 cosmic mr siniter kills to get his boss unique item. But I mean some light farming has never hurt anybody right?

  4. Cool game but the worst thing about it is that you are restricted to the hero you select when you start.If you dont like that hero the only thing you can do is buy another with real cash,farm in game currency so you can unlock a new one or make a new account on a different email.
    At least i would like to have the option to delete my caracter and pick a new one from the starting choices.

  5. Are they going to do a villians side of this so we can play the more fun characters like magneto and mr sinister etc. Or the big godlike ones like apocylypes!

  6. Great game, but it’s all set up in third person from a great distance, much like old school games like diablo I and II. It is very, very hard on graphic card though, especially in places where there’s a bunch of avatars all logged in at the same time. Expect a TON of lag.

  7. the beta was fun, the game is fun. slight old school diablo one playability. good animation and look and feel of champions online. i agree with previous posts re: more than enough marvel characters for uniqueness merged with plenty of costumes and outfits; personal fav…MR FIXIT

    bottom line : i got immersed and obsessed last saturday (it helped that wife went away). I bought a founders pack i think and the punisher ( i think i shoulda got cable tho 🙁

    concerns : it was understandably laggy during beta but what are their specs going live? servers, support, etc???

  8. Thought you guys might like to know-


    We are having our final Open Beta Weekend this weekend from 5:00pm PT Friday, May 10th through 10:00am PT Monday, May 13th and you are invited! This will be your last chance to check out the game before we launch Early Game Access, starting with Ultimate Pack purchasers on May 28th. To get Early Game Access, make sure you pick up a Founders Pack! The game will officially launch on June 4th.

    If you played in our previous Open Beta Weekend, your heroes are waiting for you! You can login and continue to play from where you left off. Remember, however, your progress will not be saved for the live launch game – all Beta Weekend progress will be reset.

    Tell all your friends and get ready to play this weekend! If you have not already done so, visit our Client Download Page to download the Marvel Heroes game client.

    Please note that Marvel Heroes is currently only available for Windows PC; a Mac client will be available post-launch.


    The Marvel Heroes Team

  9. I have played in two of the betas so far and I have to say I have really enjoyed it. It does have a similar feeling to other ARPG games like Path of Exile, and for those of us who have always loved Marvel comics the setting is great fun to play in. While I was also a bit hesistant about the idea of playing well known heroes rather than making my own, there is a high level of customization, both through the 3 talent tress that each hero has, and through the gear (costume) system. You can even create your own gear, allowing for further specialization of roles. There were a number of times when I really had to think about which direction I wanted to take my hero. I noticed that when l watched other versions of my hero fighting, we were not all doing the same thing, so obviously other players were choosing to specialize in different ways.

    There have been many instances of multiple versions of the same hero appearing in comics, so despite that I did not find it ruined my sense of immersion. And frankly the buzz I got from being Thor or Captain America instead of some unknown similarly themed hero was far more exciting. I think they could have written that into the background of the game ie. a Multiple Earths scenario, but I feel my own imagination is developed enough to do that myself without worrying too much about the ‘reality’ of the situation.

    There were a few high points during the beta for me – the public events are fun, where groups of heroes are trying to take down famous Villans like Rhino or Venom. They are tough fights even with 20 or more heroes struggling against them.

    I actually liked this game so much I went ahead and bought a founders pack, so I could start play with a few heroes I really wanted.

  10. Don’t know why I said KINDA in my review cause the more I think about it the gameplay makes it basically like a MMO version of Ultimate Alliance. Like I said I’m going to give it a try but from what I have seen DC Universe is better which hurts me to say because when it comes to Marvel vs. DC I’m on the side of Marvel all day everyday. Stan Lee is a God. Lets hope the game gets better by the time (and after for that matter) it launches

  11. I just played the game on closed beta and I have to say its not what I expected. It kinda reminds me of Marvel Ultimate Alliance and even though I enjoyed that game this is not a good thing. I will give it a chance as being a big Marvel fan I really want to play through the story. But I cant say I see non-comic book fans playing this because from what I’ve seen there are a lot of better MMO out there. I’m really not a fan of the controls (attacking and moving should never be the same buttons and if there was a way to change this it was very hard to find because I looked). I wasn’t to happy about the click to move mechanic anyway. Not sure how I feel about playing as existing Marvel heroes instead of creating my own. There are pros and cons to this. Its still fun and you really don’t care about it until you see a bunch of other people running around as the same character but with what I am expecting to eventually be an enormous amount of heroes to choose from I don’t see this being that big of a problem for everyone. Despite a few things I don’t care for I do think the game will be fun I just don’t think at this point it is anything special or groundbreaking when it comes to MMORPG. I think it is worth at least a try. After all it is free to play.

  12. The game’s very awesome , i played it on last week’s beta weekend. I have not played much game other than diablo 3 and tera online , now im starting to understand what people meant by saying ” this is what diablo 3 shudve been” , its a very good game, items are unique , at end game i believe that no one can have the exact same stats item. No boring quest , a lot of adventures , Attacks are instant.
    This game is definetly something that will be fun to play. Each heroes has their own unique abilities like the films and comics. For e.g spierman and his spider web glide on the sky lol. very fast mobility technique. Good game , definetly worth tryng.

  13. Alright this is my last update.

    At this point, I can’t wait for the release which should be in a few more months.
    They have improved so many things such as my previous complaint about open spaces; they added more detailed areas & most stuff can be destroyed/thrown depending on your hero.
    I got to play The Hulk & The Thing this time, was impressed with both.
    Nothing like Hulk smashing to see the mob surrounding you fly off the screen & into the surroundings.
    The abilities do stay true to what you would find in the comics.
    Also I would like to add for those wondering that the loot is personalized so you don’t have to fear someone else picking up that blue or even purple item.
    I found out last time I played too that skins as well as Hero unlocks can drop from mobs at a low % rate (found Hulk’s Mr. Fix It skin).

  14. After playing closed beta a few more times I see they improved the HUD & a few other features. I was able to make it a bit further than last time which is great (Venom spawned in an area, attracted about 50-70 people, & crashed the server every time). I did manage to try out Cyclops & Deadpool now since my Ironman data was lost.

    My only complaint so far is the lack of ability variety & the inability to teleport to party members. With Cyclops, he has 3 different tabs & each tab has an ability tree to unlock. 1 is your energy power abilities, another for melee/CC abilities, & the last for passive buffs. The passive buff tab only affects party members, not you, so the buff for 10% additional XP means your party will outlevel you eventually if you play together for long periods of time. Only 1 ability in CC tree looks worth investing into (you knock enemies into the air) & the energy abilites only have 3-4 that seem viable. I do understand it can be hard to personalize each hero w/ unique abilites (15 playable heroes as of now) but to put so much time into 1 hero for only a few unlocks seems repetitive & boring.

  15. whats going on? This game won’t work. I keep hitting the A and B buttons and superman never shows up? WTF MArvel! I want to play with the superman and batman and all the other Marvel only super heroes, you sold me, wait…what?

  16. I am currently a tester in their ongoing closed beta & so far it seems like it would be worth checking out once it has been released.

    You get a few random unlocked heroes at first then eventually unlock more (this is just for beta so all heroes get tested) so I’ve only played Ironman. Their servers are only online a few days of the week within a 4 hour time frame so I haven’t been able to get a full experience but it is very similar to Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

    The public areas that aren’t instanced right now are very plain & open, maybe a car or bench here & there but I’m sure they will add more later. You can see & help other players fight mobs & the occasional elite/boss villain in this area. When I played, about 20 of us ganged up on Rhino when he came out of nowhere in the city streets.

    As far as loot, you find random boxes you can open which usually drops a generic item with +3 attack or something along those lines. Equipping these don’t change the visuals on your hero. You also come across materials that you can use to build a predefined costume or you can grab them from the store.

    That is all I can contribute at the moment, I will be playing it more tomorrow & will leave any updates if there are any.

  17. so I think the website said it’s supposed to come out spring this year. that’s exciting I honestly can’t wait. I noticed some people said character creation was an option? I didn’t see that but regardless this game still seems amazing. I’ve honestly got a list of characters I’ve always wished I could be simply because of their powers.

  18. I got a key to be part of the closed beta test. I have played DC Universe as well but this game is fun even though you are not creating your own hero. This may be something that comes in further developments. I know the wait is frustrating but it will be worth it as long as they fix all of the bugs.

  19. i cnt wait for 1 year thts to long, DC Universe is better nd we dnt have to wait! so i am never goin to play this im not gonna wait a year for this piece of crap

  20. I am looking forward to giving this game a try, but I wish these developers would write in more content for the solo player. I spend thousands of dollars a year on games and game systems and I have learned that if I want to multi-player and have fun, it needs to be with my friends, not a bunch of idiots I don’t know. I like games that I can still play even if my friends are busy. DC Universe started out with the potential to be an amazing game and I even purchased a lifetime sub, then they screwed it all up and now it is not even worth playing for free.

  21. This game looks sweet cant wait to play it, i love that it has the diablo gameplay style and i cant wait to blast stuff down with Nova

  22. If you actually watched the gameplay trailer, you would know that you get to customize your hero with costumes and even power mods by defeating a boss. (eg. Magneto) Plus… some mmo’s ONLY HAVE 4 CHARACTERS TO CHOOSE FROM and still have a great playerbase. This game looks like it’s gonna be awesome. Can’t wait to play it.

  23. you cannot create your own character, which sucks, but it does look like an okay game, plus dcuo is a good game no matter what, it has a unique combat style and lots of customizations with styles.peopel should read around to know all the info about this game instad of assuming things.

  24. DCUO when u reach level 30 thats it u need 2 noo also that dcuo was ont of the most boring online games cause u have constant upgrades and u need 2 buy it in the end
    and at the end of the day marvel tromps dc

  25. I’d rather play UA2 than DCU’s pile of crap, and this is like the motherload of MUA. 😀
    I mean really,
    Champions even dominates DCU in every single aspect.

    That being said Marvel is like the adult version of the comic world.
    We’ll leave the DCUfanboying to you kiddies.

  26. Ye im kinda on the same thought, an MMO that you cant create your own character kinda bugs me, im playing champions online and loving it. But i work at GAME and ive spoke to a pc gaming REP and they have said theres going to be around 70 characters to choose from and more to unlock during the play through. im really getting excited about this game, i love Marvel and im a huge fan of MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE, and until they deside to bring a 3rd MUA out this will fill a void. oh and ye its coming out on xbox, pc and wiiU NOT ps3. aslong as i get to be VENOM ill be in love from day 1. if not its got to be JEAN GREY.

  27. I disagree with the people who think that this game is crap because I think it’s going to be awesome to play online.

    • yes i totaly agree with me . marvel is better than DC comics because DC comics don’t make any new cool heroes and marvel comics come out with new heroes every month

  28. It really amazes me the amount of people who prejudge a game…smh…I can almost guarantee if you’re playing DC now and love it when this game drops you’ll talk trash until you play it then you will sing its praises. Marvel universe dwarfs the DC universe and being able to mix spider-man’s powers with say the Hulk sounds a tad bit better than the class system DC has…then again maybe its just me.

  29. when does the game come out cause ive been playing dc universe and got bored of it so just tell me when it comes out

  30. looking forward to it.. but one thing that would make it better would be if player could make and design there own heores or villians… abit like DC Universe

  31. This game looks like DC universe online but this has more features so i can’t wait till its out and open beta

  32. Yea marvel messed up big time. probably gonna be worse than 3rd spiderman game/movie. both were terrible in so many ways. if only they character customizations i wouldve seen myself being at least a tiny bit interested. but i think ill stick with dc universe. oh yea marvel chars suck on MvC3 just putting out there thnx.

    • I agree with you on the third Spider-Man movie Eric Forman as venom are you kidding me! (although I could probably see him playing Carnage MAYBE). However the game wasn’t that bad it just didn’t really improve on part 2 which can may it seem like it sucks when you go in expecting it to be better. But as far as marvel chars sucking on MvC3 you have to be joking. Wolverine, Deadpool, and X-23 are some of my personal favorites. But really any character on that game can be good as long as you know how to use them.

  33. I always preferred Marvel over DC, but in this case i beg to differ. The fact that they restrict us to playing only the comic heroes really bugs me. No matter what they do , if they don’t add character creation, this game will never match up with DC Universe Online.

    • I’m old I’ve loved marvel for years. But If anyone has played this game and DC, they know DC wins hands down. Unless youu’re a Diablo fan. The creator is too stuck on his on game model to see the bigger picture.I’m sad to say,but this game sucks. 199.00 on a founders pack,I wasted my money.

  34. Playing the kids version is kind of fun. To the person worrying about being in a fight/quest with three Captain Americas, on the kids version the group is asked to pick one of the choices available so no one has the same one. You don’t choose one character. You start with four and earn rewards for the right to play others. Unfortunately it appears that leveling up is just a pride thing and your heroes won’t acquire more abilities. The game is free because most of the quests and heroes costs gold and silver to play and gold is hard to earn in the game after your first 100 from the roulette wheel. That’s where the real money comes in. You can use real money to buy in game gold. If you think about it most MMORPG have less choices of characters than the amount of Marvel super heroes available to this game. You still get to use a unique user name. It’s just your name is associated with the person controlling the character than the character yourself. If the adult version comes up with leveling to get new skills and power and choices for wardrobe, it would rival the most popular MMORPG’s.

  35. This game isn’t even out yet and I already know it’s going to be better than Dc online. Mainly because dc comics are not worth reading. So I am pumped that marvel has decided to come out with a superhero mmo that is worth playing.

  36. I’m excited about this and loning to hear more.. Big Marvel fan so this is something i hope to enjoy.

    Has anyone heard anything else about this ??

  37. hi it’s calld Marvel Heroes not Marvel Universe Online. and it’s not alike DC univers u pick 2 heros betwen 5000 difrent heroes of Marvels comics and make your own hero with ther abilitys that you chose. i myself is helping diveleping this game

  38. It’s gonna be f-ing EPIC!
    Norwegian: Jeg gleder meg som faen, dette spillet har jeg ventet lenge på, klarer snart ikke å vente lengre. så jeg håper det kommer ut senere i år. :-))

  39. im glad that marvel online is free its going to beat ps3. I hope it come to xbox 360 because every one wants to buy it people grew up on Marvel im wishing it come out sooner im not going to play on pc 360 is were its at i hope you can create your own hero

  40. why would i wanna play marvel online that forces me to choose a real hero…yeah i totally feel like being in a group with 3 captain americas and 2 wolverines….yeah sorry marvel DC universe still beats u…and so what ur free, micro transactions suck and I CANT MAKE MY OWN HERO!!!

    • Totally agree with You! Without making own character? Just one question for MARVEL – WTF??!! Dont You, MARVEL, see that THIS IDEA is the WORST IDEA EVER!!! I Play DC, even if i rather choose MARVEL World because i can be a hero myself.
      From the moment of learning this terrible news about playing as one of Your characters ive STOPPED waiting for Your game Marvel. And so many of players i suppose.

      • I’m just throwing this out there… there are literally -tons- of marvel superheroes… If they put as many character choices in the game as they have shown in that picture up top, then I’d play the hell out of it, there are some badass obscure marvel characters. Of course people won’t know any of them, and there will end up being like, a mass influx of the major characters, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be a bad game… Try not to give reviews prior to the games release, the game -could- make you look like an idiot.
        ASLO, “You can also create parties, guilds and mix characters.” I believe that last part is implying character customization… Which would be pretty neat, if you were able to fuse multiple heroes together, all I’m saying is, who’s to say its good or bad? It hasn’t even been released. Its got potential.

        • uhmmm………”ASLO, “You can also create parties, guilds and mix characters.” I believe that last part is implying character customization…”

          WRONG!! xD that part it’s about mixing characters in the same party, i.e. x-men with fantastic four. Besides try to tell me 5 MMO without character customization. This game it’s like a marvel ultimate alliance but massive. kinda pointless being a MMO without customized characters. i’ll stay with DC and City of heroes.

          • okay people one this game is gonna be like diablo 3 but not broken so that already makes it awesome, and who cares if you are playing as the same hero as someone else, do you get mad in dc universe when someone has the same powers as you but they look different people need to get their heads out of their asses.

      • Yes I am certainly looking forward to pllaying a game that lets me sit in a room with 10,000 wolverines and 1 jean grey….

    • are you on glue mate DC sucks half the time it crashes or you get stuck in a wall. The whole currency system is destroyed and to top it all off the game is full of cloned items that end up getting you banned. Then when you ring the expensive support number your told that the iotems you have bought off the broker legally in game were clones menaning you have broke there rules resulting in a permanent ban. Dont be stupid son DC is an absolute joke ran by clowns. If you guys want a real mmo experience play something with pedigree not no mickey mouse opperation like SOE

    • If you took 3 seconds to read their site you’d know that you can make your own heros and you start at Prof X’s school. L2read and then you won’t look like an idiot.

    • Quit whining, McMuffin. City of Heroes and Champions Online are both free, and both let you create your own hero. Go play one.


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