Marvel Heroes may be closing, but that doesn’t mean its players are going to go down without a fight… for their money, that is. As it turns out, players have sunk quite a bit of cash into a game designed to get them to buy all kinds of content to become the super heroes they all love. In fact, according to a recent article posted by Kotaku, one player has spent at least $400 on in-game items since the game hit Xbox in July.

Unfortunately, the party didn’t last long — especially for console players — due to Disney cutting ties with Gazillion and demanding the game be shuttered. In an effort to ease the pain, the game’s developer did stop all shop activity and make the game completely free to players for its remaining days. However, they’ve not addressed anything in regards to what players have already spent. Needless to say, players aren’t happy… as is demonstrated by some of the posts on Reddit.

Of course, it has been noted in the past that games typically don’t offer refunds to players for microtransactions. This isn’t entirely true, as some games have offered players limited refunds (generally based on when purchases were made) after a closure announcement.

So now, everyone is asking the same question. Multiple threads have been posted on Reddit are all asking if players will be able to get at least some of their money back. According to replies on some of these threads, it looks like a mixed bag. Some players have stated that Xbox players are receiving refunds while PSN players are not. Some players are still holding out hope, however, as when they call support for their console of choice they’re being told that word hasn’t come down from Gazillion on what to do as of yet.

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  1. 2017 people still playing rng based games to gather lel *loot* lel lel lel rofl lal lawl

    good riddance,Hopefully a world of warcraft kind of game with marvel will happen

    ALSO the dailies in that game….get over it daliies kill games.i want to log in and raid and have fun not do chores and grind…..

  2. never like the game in first place to much buy to play! glad to see it gone! hope thay make realy marvel univers now MMORPG not a ARPG!


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