Marvel Snap Celebrates One Year Anniversary With Login Rewards Starting October 18

Log into Marvel Snap to earn cool rewards.

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Marvel Snap One-year anniversary login rewards

Starting October 18th, Marvel Snap will be celebrating its one-year anniversary with special login rewards.

Beginning on the 18th, players can log in to the card game to receive the GOTY Edition, followed by 65 random boosters on the 19th, 500 credits on the 20th, 3 Gold Conquest Tokens on the 21st, 300 Gold on the 22nd, and finally a community-voted anniversary variant on the 23rd.

The community-voted variant will be either Human Torch, Shang-Chi, or Ghost Rider. Voting also begins on the 18th.

All drops will be available for 24 hours after they go live, except for the community variant which will be available for 30 days.

Starting on the 18th you'll also be able to earn a Shocker variant Twitch Drop along with an avatar, boosters, and credits on Twitch. You'll need to watch 2 hours for the Shocker Avatar, 4 hours for 155 Shocker Boosters and 500 credits, and 6 hours to earn the Shocker Variant card.

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