Marvel Snap's New Patch Adds "Fast Forward" Function To Speed Up Crazy-Long Card Loops; Nerfs Galactus And Others

"We're looking at you, Wong-Onslaught-Mystique-Ironheart!"

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Marvel Snap 2

Second Dinner has dropped a new update for Marvel Snap that features nerfs for certain existing cards, a host of bug fixes, and introduces a neat feature that displays the credentials of artists above a card in your collection.

However, one addition likely to stir up attention from players is the "fast forward" function, which makes crazy-long card loops that trigger back-to-back happen much faster in-game now.

Card combos like Wong-Onslaught-Mystique-Ironheart or the infamous Black Panther loop will no longer be a drawn-out rotation of upgrades that players must sit through until the end. Now, it only takes seconds. The change definitely benefits the speedy, bite-sized nature of Marvel Snap's card battles, so it's a positive step for the player experience.

What may become a bit more debatable when it comes to positive change are the nerfs dished out for specific well-known cards. The affected cards - Aero, Galactus, Leader, and Nova - now have reduced Power Levels. Second Dinner will continue "evaluating" any other meaningful changes for Galactus and Leader, meaning we may see more nerfs in the future.

On the upside, Second Dinner buffed Drax, Groot, Hazmat, Black Cat, and Nakia. Specifically, Drax and Groot received a buff to their baselines to make them "less risky to play," while the others got increased Power.

You can learn more about the patch details from the Marvel Snap website!

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