A new god has taken his place on the battlegrounds of SMITE. The Death Bat, Camazotz, has emerged from his cave to drink and partake of the essence of fallen gods. When drinking this essence, Camazotz regains Health and Mana.

Like all bats, Camazotz has the ability to use sonar — or a screech ability which both Silences and reveals enemy gods. He can also call a wave of vampire bats against his enemies and heal himself.

Camazotz is available to play on the PC — PS4 and Xbox One fans will have to wait a while longer. For full details on the bat god, check out the notes for the latest SMITE patch on the official site.

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  1. And console users gotta wait longer? I hate moba games alot but when you know the devs favor a certain platform then you know that platform is probably the best platform to play the game on since it get’s the updates faster.

    • ESO’s servers also have patches at different times depending whether it’s PC/MAC or XBOX/PS and yet no one is complaining. But then again, the megaservers are separate. We PC/MAC users are usually luckier, I’m glad I got the desktop edition.

      It usually comes down to the team not being big enough to work on both platforms simultaneously, so having to wait for a while is still better than nothing.


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