Travel to the far off lands of Yahora, a frozen wasteland where the great white dragon Alastor lies in wait in Metin2‘s most recent update, Legend of the White Dragon. Asleep until now, it is beginning to awaken thanks to Sung Mahi and will soon resume wreaking havoc if not stopped. That’s where the players come in.

Since Alastor is located in a place previously unexplored by players, that means one thing: a new map — or maps in this case. There’s also a new dungeon, because that’s where you’re going to find Alestor, and a whole bunch of new items to be obtained. These items include new gloves for those level 120, new ‘Serpent’ weapons, the Greater Northwind Dragon mount, and a mini Alastor pet (obtained by those who manage to take down the great dragon.)

The new maps both have the deadly frozen north feel going on. The first is the Northwind Canyon, a mountain pass filled with frozen trees and the remains of dead creatures. But not all creatures are dead, some of them are lurking in the various nooks and crannies found in and around the canyon. The other map, Soul Gorge, is a valley that’s dangerous to even try to get into and even more dangerous to be in.

As for the new dungeon, Northwind, this is a glacial maze made up of two levels that players will have to work their way through before finding Alastor.

The Legend of the White Dragon is available today, via both Gameforge and Steam.

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