Microsoft Is Hunting Down Their Own Genshin Impact Having Lost The Original To Sony

Titles like Genshin Impact have their attention.

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It would seem that the success of HoYoVerse’s Genshin Impact – and games like it – has made… well… an impact on the video game industry and Microsoft is a bit sad that Sony got Genshin Impact and they didn't. In fact, according to an article on Reuters, the growing number of successful games created in China has Microsoft seeking out the next developer to add to their game to Microsoft’s library. Part of this interest is based on the fact that Chinese devs have been working to standardize their tools and process, making things more stable and the developers more competitive in the global market.

In response to this, Microsoft has apparently been putting together a team specifically to scout for these games. Not only are they looking for bigger developers to add but also independent ones as well, offering them quite a bit of money to work with them.

Reuters’ report also states that Microsoft is expanding into other devices, including handheld ones. That’s not too much of a surprise, considering their interest in Activision Blizzard, who also owns King a major mobile developer. The idea is apparently for the company to expand its cross-platform appeal, something a lot of developers are looking for these days.

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