Free-to-play survival shooter Scavengers is still in beta, but the team at Midwinter Entertainment decided to cast back the curtain a bit for everyone this weekend, with a post on its site profiling the Explorers you’d be able to take into harsh post-apocalyptic Earth.

Seven Explorers are covered in all, and they all come decked in proper cold-weather gear — albeit a bit more colorful and stylish than what you might be able to pick up when the world actually goes to hell. They each have a special talent or ability and signature weapon, typically meant to complement that ability.

For players looking for speed, Cruz is the choice, with his group speed boost and Cazador SMG, which allow him to get kills at close range while dodging through enemy groups. If you’re more methodical, you could go for Tarik, who lays traps for his enemies and then takes out the immobile and unfortunate victims with his Longstriker sniper rifle. Or there’s stealthy Kali, who utilizes Active Camo to stay hidden and then strikes with her silent Heartseeker bow.

The dev team also answered a bunch of player questions in its third Q&A session last week. Regarding your viewpoint: apart from certain sniper weapons, the game will be entirely in third-person view, and no shoulder swap mechanic is in the works. Both of these features take a lot of time and effort, but they’re something that could be added later if there’s enough demand for them.

As mentioned at the start of an earlier paragraph, a lot of attention was put into the clothing for each Explorer and how it fits with their powers and play style. Cruz is singled out as a “speed-demon,” so his look was inspired by competitive snowmobiling. Some of the dev team are actually avid snowboarders themselves, so the inspiration is clear, though there will naturally be “awesome skins and really cool ways to customize your favorite Explorer.”


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