Over A Million Downloads For Bless Unleashed, As Bans For Star Seed Sellers Are Incoming

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Well, it seems like Bless Unleashed is doing pretty well, for now. Since the game launched on Steam on August 6th, the game has been downloaded more than a million times -- according to a press release from Neowiz and Round8. The release also goes on to add that the game regularly has over 75,000 concurrent players. This makes it one of the hot games on Steam at the moment.

That's not bad news for a game that launched on the platform eleven days ago. Of course, we're still in the early hours for an MMO, and we all know how fickle fans of the genre can be. So, we'll see where things stand in another few weeks.

On a separate note, Round 8 has also posted plans to fix some of the issues currently plaguing the game. This includes fixing issues with the Priest class that developed as a result of the August 15th patch, mostly involving fixing a bug around HP decreasing too much that resulted from a fix of a bug that prevented HP from decreasing at all. Other things include lag issues and restricting the promotion of Star Seed selling sites.

To address the Star Seed issue, the team will now issuing 30-day bans for anyone found promoting the selling sites in chat. They're also working on a chat filtering system that will help filter out messages from these sites.

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