Minion Masters Reveals Adventures Mode


Last week, Minion Masters teased some of the content coming in the game’s next update. As we mentioned, they’re rolling out bits and pieces over the weeks leading up to the update’s release. Today, they revealed a new mode — Adventures.

Adventures are single-player journeys that offer players the opportunity to experience a bit more of the game’s world. When the new mode launches, players will have access to The Quest for Mountainshaper adventure. This adventure consists of 3 chapters — 2 of which will be available immediately. The third chapter will arrive on December 4.

Players can play through the first chapter for free, but Chapters 2 and 3 will need to be purchased at a cost of 1400 rubies each.

Of course, players will gain more than just some background story for participating in the mode. They’ll also earn Power Tokens, XP, avatars, and a Legendary Card.



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