Minion Masters‘ latest update (Version 1.17) introduced a new hero to the game this week. Dawn Marshall Valorian holds many titles as a superhuman warrior that feeds on the power of light and is the man that stands between Empyreum and destruction. Using light powered abilities, Valorian can both deal damage and heal — opting to provide injured ally minions with a boost in health or attacking a group of enemy minions. He also features a basic blade-based attack that deals quite a bit more damage to a single target.

Valorian is available via Tier 6 of the Premium Season Pass or Tier 49 of the Free Path. So, you’ll be able to get him either way, it just depends on how long you want to take to get there. He can also be unlocked instantly via the All Masters Upgrade DLC. If you do choose that last option and then end up unlocking him via the Free Path anyway, you’ll be refunded 300 Rubies for your trouble.

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