More Blade & Soul NEO Classic Videos Showcasing Dungeons, Classes, And Combat To Close The Year

The NEO version of the MMORPG will launch with 7 classes.

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We're still waiting to see the entire picture of just what exactly NCSoft has in store for us with Blade & Soul: NEO Classic. While we've seem some initial videos showing off the visuals of the MMORPG, we don't have a full picture of what (or when) we can expect to be in game.

Before the year ends, though, NCSoft is dropping a bit more info and a few videos. This time around they're showing off combat changes, classes, and dungeons.

We've got all three videos below for you, but there's also a full post on the game's site adding just a small bit of context. This includes an explanation about "classic" servers being easy. However, the team felt that if Blade & Soul simply went with a classic server, then they'd be making some of the same mistakes they made in the past, mistakes that may have set players to other titles.

That's where the 'NEO" comes into play: Improving the classic version in many ways. “It's not about returning users enjoying the nostalgia for a while or a few months then leaving, but it's about creating a classic Blade & Soul where the disappointing parts have been improved so that the game can be enjoyed together for a long time,” says General Director Hongjae Kim.

The initial launch of NEO, whenever it comes, will feature 7 classes.

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niizzy 1 month ago
So... Nothing changed?

justsomeguy 1 month ago
The core issue with Blade & Soul was always the same issue something like Lost Ark has, their focus on difficult group only content, resulting in getting a team, thereby playing the game being very difficult for many, due to how much gate keeping goes on. No matter what else they change, if that core issue will still remain, the new Blade & Soul will just become the same dead game the original one became.

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