MXM Introduces Two New Masters -- Kat the Cat and V-Merang

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Two new Masters have arrived in NCSoft's action MOBA, MXM. The first -- seen above -- is V-Merang, a mid-to-long range marksman with cool ranged and AOE abilities, including boomerang-style attacks.

The second master is Kat the Cat, a master with a variety of abilities centered on crowd control and damage prevention. He features stuns, knockbacks, and abilities that redirect damage elsewhere. He also has an ability titled "If I fits, I sits" which offers him a state of invulnerability for a short period.

More information on both these masters is available on the Master X Master site.

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Koustu 7 years ago
Kat the Cat.....thought I read that wrong for a second but thats one great name :P

Todoran 7 years ago
next league for sure -_-.......

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