Naruto Online — the official MMORPG based on the anime and manga series — is indeed coming west, very soon as a matter of fact.

Launching on July 20, the free-to-play MMORPG will allow players to live the anime as one of five new characters — each representing a different element. The characters from the show will appear in the game and will be voiced by the actors from the show. Players will be able to explore locations found in the series and recruit characters from the series to fight alongside them.

Naruto fans can check out the official website and earn an activation code by taking and sharing the Ninja Exam.

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  1. to hell with these annoying browser games… i think a real naruto online like blade and soul and revelation online will not be realesed its a lot of characters, voice acting, a lots of skills,places to visit naruto world is immense i dont think a real naruto mmorpg will come to exist.

    • Sad but true. They would need alot of funds and hire alot of people and have to visit alot of locations that was in the anime and the world would be immense and large. But this type of immense MMORPG isn’t impossible. Well it’s impossible right now but technology just needs to evolve further and developers/publishers needs larger servers that can hold so many people on 1 server. But I think that type of MMORPG could be possible somepoint in the near future.

  2. everyone stfu if browser games are dead why do you think they keep releasing more clone of them it cuz they make millions every year

    • Well people continue to get Scammer by developer until there nothing left in there Bank Account. Most people are going to be lost in general.

    • Lol so true Advise. Over 90% of the developers seem to be the ones to be doing the scamming by releasing half finished paid 2 win games which is kinda funny since people try to scam other players in these games. Also the majority of publishers seems to be helping in that since they are doing the poor work and lack of effort into making the devs money so they are to blame also.

  3. Games like this is what made me give up MMOS. I still like MMOS but a majority of them aren’t worth playing due to how awful the publishers are. But why do they keep releasing browser MMOs? Browser games are dead just drop all browser games and start releasing downloadable ones already.

    • I think it time for the developer stop making games. They need to stop overflowing these MMO online games on the market. It is leading to complete scam Paradise every time they make a hype up Trailer and Special Effect gameplay on YouTube.


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