If you’ve been waiting for Aion 2 to be announced, it is, in fact, a thing. Although some of you might be less excited to find out that it’s a mobile thing. Weirdly, despite the game’s name indicating it’s a sequel, it takes place 900 years before the events of Aion, when the Asmodians and Elyos were still one race.

Aion 2 was announced as part of NCSoft’s South Korean media day, which included several announcements for the Blade & Soul franchise: Blade & Soul 2, Blade & Soul M, and Blade & Soul S. Blade & Soul actually is a sequel to the original game, picking up sometime in the future, while M is the requisite mobile offering. Blade & Soul S, on the other hand is more of a cutesy take on the IP, while still being a bit of a sequel to the original game.

A new Lineage 2 game was also announced, Lineage 2 M. As with Blade & Soul M, the “M” apparently stands for mobile.

More information on NCSoft’s media day and all of these games can be found on MMOCulture.

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  1. Blade & Soul 2 ?? like a whole new version of the PC MMO?
    I only heard that they would update to Unreal Engine 4 sometime in the future, there are several videos about it looking slick af.

    Hope they do a better job optimizing the game before doing any other B&S bullcrap tho.
    The game currently runs bad even on a i9 with a 1080ti.


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