After it launched in late 2008, Aion quickly became NCSoft’s top earner — especially after its NA/EU launch in September 2009. Before Lineage went crazy, Aion led all NCSoft games in revenue for nine straight quarters, or just over two years. It’s not surprising that the company would try to replicate that success.

According to South Korean magazine The Fact, and reported by, NCSoft might be doing just that. Apparently, a team at NCSoft is working on a new game, codenamed “Project A2.” That’s no guarantee of anything, to be sure, but previous “secret projects” have only included a letter, not a number. And “A” could stand for “Aion,” so …

While it’s true that the MMO scene has changed greatly since Aion’s launch nearly a decade ago, shiny Korean MMOs are still capable of generating significant hype and at least an early initial audience, as Blade & Soul and Black Desert Online proved. Upcoming titles like Revelation Online and Bless Online are also hotly anticipated by fans, so a sequel to Aion could do very well for NCSoft.

What would you like to see in Aion 2?

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  1. I’d like to be able to finally swim! And a revamp of the Abyss so when I am low level I can do the story line. Oh yes there must be a story line. I still play Aion after all this time and was in the beta.

    And a longer timer on flying or better yet no timer at all for ariel fighting.

  2. sigh im so over the BS hype over games that are not even made or games just beginning or even Alpha games find something else to write a lame story about

    who cares about aion anyway the ncsoft servers were the worst servers ever and full of lag not to mention the game wasnt even that good and just another boring korean drawn out grinder

  3. As long as they don’t make a loli race that also has access to the most classes in the game – locked to only them, of course. Tired of Korean pedo-catering bullshit.

  4. Like from small age my first proper mmo was Lineage 2. Played it for years. Since then I played many many many mmo. Some I liked and some I didn’t. But trough years i still kept coming back to Aion. It had nice and smooth graphics with cool classes. As example chanter which used staff for melee combat and was support. If they would add new plate class which should have been already added I would probably go play it again. From what I heared they fcked up a bit at last patches.
    I don’t mind if they make Aion 2 with same combat style. What I like is free movement and Aion tab targeting was easy and great. And another thing I liked is a lot of skills and some of them had chains.
    And I don’t know where some have idea that ncsoft is known for gender locked classes. Aion has none of those, lineage 2 had none of those, guild wars had none of those, blade and soul some classes can’t be picked for certain races but still they all mostly look like humans and I didn’t have problems there either.

  5. Guildwars 2 engine, with blad n soul combat with Aions univers style. wuld be the Ideal game!. for 2020. A2 = Aion 2, sems about right! tho likly to come out 2020, so hold your breath!.. i wont but yeah! asume news looking forward follow this upp.

  6. i hope they dont screw up if is really a new aion 2 hope they change combat system put new things,new classes,races etc and obviously dont put gender lock or class lock because its annoying and finally dont lead the game for p2win shit,minding all these stuff they should be good to go.


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