NCSoft has filed an intellectual property infringement suit against Webzen, claiming that Webzen’s R2M game is a copy of NCSoft’s mega-successful Lineage M mobile game. The Korea JoongAng Daily reports that the suit was filed on Monday.

“We found that Webzen’s R2M contained content and systems that seem to be imitating LineageM,” said NCSoft. “After consulting with experts in and outside the company, we decided it was necessary to take action to protect our core intellectual property.”

Lineage M has been a huge moneymaker for NCSoft since its launch in Q2 2017. R2M launched last August, as a mobile port of Webzen’s R2, and has been a top 10 earner since then.

According to the JoongAng Daily, several users have commented on similarities between the two games and “NCSoft also judged that there were Lineage-specific features in the latter, including artwork and the way users play the game, that should be protected as intellectual property.”

Webzen denied the accusations, saying that it “will make efforts to bring about a reasonable agreement via legal procedures.”

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  1. Lawyers money fest, company tax loss, loopholes in abundance, This is business, how to waste money and not give it back to the company. let give them another bonus.. lol
    Gaming needs to be a little bit free ‘er, we know there are loads of copies or similarities, but its the reason why you should be proud of your game as it was the original, so move on. these sort of suit is daft in the gaming world it just shows what hypocrites they are..
    You should never forget the past and how you got there.

    • Lineage 2 is over 16 years old is even stamped as one of the first big mmorpgs out there as it was relessed 1 year bifore World of warcraft! you can even say that most mmorpgs game after lineage could be a copy.. but yeah in this case is pure copy and re-skin.

      Thay are even reworking Lineage 2 in unreal 4 to relanch 2023 ,Q2


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