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The latest financial report from NCSoft is in the wild, and there’s a lot of movement, especially among its free-to-play titles with strong presences in the West — some good, some less so.

First, the good news. As might be expected following its NA and EU launch in January, Blade & Soul excelled in the first quarter of 2016 (covering January through March), rising from 32.4 billion Korean won (bKRW) to 54.0 bKRW in sales.

Guild Wars 2 also stayed strong, following its bump during Q4 2015, when the Heart of Thorns expansion launched. Though sales dropped from 37.3 bKRW to 30.6 bKRW, that’s still well above the game’s pre-expansion revenues, which hovered in the 20 bKRW range.

NCSoft Q1 2016 Financials

Then there’s WildStar. Its F2P launch last September helped push it out of oblivion in Q4, but it fell right back down in the hole in Q1, posting its lowest sales quarter since launch. For comparison, its 1.282 bKRW figure is less than half the reported sales (2.855 bKRW) for the last quarter we had any information regarding City of Heroes, five months before its cancellation.

Lineage continues to be the big moneymaker for NCSoft, with Lineage 2 and Aion doing steady business as well. While sales and profits in Q1 were nearly identical to those in Q4, the year-over-year numbers are up considerably. North America and Europe have more than doubled their sales since this time last year, and we’ll see if the momentum from GW2 and Blade & Soul keeps that trend going forward.

You can get a copy of the full financial report on the NCSoft Investors Relations page.


  1. Why so many people want Wildstar die? Shouldn’t we all keep fingers crossed for them to revive this unique title? Why so mean?

  2. WildStar shutdown is imminent. The Game Director and Creative Director were both fired right after these financial metrics were announced.

  3. Had a sub for wild star when it first went live. Cancelled cause of money probs & eventually just went back to wow. After looking at that chart makes me wonder if they are going to make drastic changes or close.

  4. Curious, why are L2 and Aion so profitable? Are they profitable in the west or just in the east? Is their model different than most other games?

    • Perhaps it’s because they have a presence in both. A lot of people in both markets know Lineage, Aion and Guild wars at this point.

  5. there’s no saving Wildstar when it’s on such shitty engine, the game runs worse than any mmo I’ve ever played, even though I could run it at high, the game was struggling with fps even on low, due to its buggy interface. Doesn’t help that everything else about the game is incredibly generic, and I don’t even remember the intro. Will most likely get closed down either this year, or beggining of next, unless there’s some miracle, which has almost no chance of happening since they laid off most of their staff before f2p transition.

  6. sucks about wildstar. I hate it because I’m a subscriber. I wonder how those players will be compensated if the game is cancelled. I hope they don’t kill the game, but it doesn’t look good.


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