Perfect World released a video today celebrating the fact that its popular free-to-play MMO Neverwinter now has 15 million registered players across all its platforms. Since the game launched in 2013, that makes about 5 million players per year.

In honor of the event, Dungeons and Dragons’ brand director Nathan Stewart said that the game’s success shows just how strong the D&D community is.

“Partnering with Cryptic and Perfect World to bring our annual stories to life in such a visibly stunning way has allowed D&D players to experience the Forgotten Realms like never before.”

If the registered users number is anywhere close to the actual players number, this is great news for the developer — as well as fans who benefit from a thriving community.


  1. I will say 1 thing.3.4 K players most of the time on steam<15 Regitered users.I know 3.4K is not that bad,but it sure is not impressive.

  2. There’s a pretty big difference between 15 million registered players and 15 million active players. I going to go out on a limb and guess their player retention rates are nowhere near as impressive.

  3. why do companys do that, its very misleading and dishonest. what does 15 million players mean? 15 registrated accounts, 15 million people at least made one character? how many duplicate accounts, how many gold farmers or bots? This number means nothing, you better tell us how many people play the game actively right now.


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