In a developer post published today, Neverwinter Systems Designer Douglas “Asterdahl” Miller took some time to describe some of the new enemies players will encounter in the upcoming Tomb of Annihilation update. These new enemies are more powerful than those players have encountered before and they bring with them new mechanics, status effects, and more. These include things like the Undead enemies in Chult being able to paralyze players or the Yuan-ti making use of the new Fear mechanic.

The post offers insight into a wide variety of new enemies, including exotic beasts, and, of course, the dinosaurs. Players will need to be prepared to face packs of raptors, allosaurs, and even the Tyrannosaurs rex. Luckily for players, the new Topple mechanic can use the dinosaurs’ builds against them and make the fight a bit more fair.

To read more about the enemies arriving in Tomb of Annihilation, head over to the Nevewinter site.

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