A new bit of episodic content is coming to Neverwinter on PC this Thursday (May 14). In this episode, titled Rage of Bel, players are starting to see the effect of their actions in the Nine Hells. Of course, that only means more work for adventurers because things aren’t yet complete and the citizens of Vallenhas still need help.

Players that are far enough along in the story — having restored the Broken Wood glyphworks — are now called on to enter the dark glyphworks and challenge the denziens of Hell, particularly a warlord belonging to Zariels second-in-command Bel.

These challenges, known as insurgencies, follow one after the other. Each time a warlord is defeated a new fight will follow not long after and, as they do, a “Rage of Bel” meter becomes more full until players are able to face off with Bel himself. Don’t worry, though. It’s not upon a single player or group to repeat the process. Instead, the meter is filled by every successful fight across a server. The other upside to this is that Bel can be fought with any size group — meaning that no one contributing to the meter fill need be left out.

The Neverwinter team details this episode in full on the game’s site. The post also spends some time covering the difference between episodes and modules — if you’ve been confused by that sort of thing.


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