Neverwinter Introduces 21-Day Events With Shared Currencies

Latest post explains how "Appointment Events" work now.

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Neverwinter Appointment Events

Cryptic is introducing some old-new content to Neverwinter. I say "old-new" because they've taken some pre-existing 3-week events known as Appointment Events and turned them into "shared events". These Appointment Events share currencies that can be used in the event store, meaning players can accumulate a large number of the currencies in question and use them to obtain tokens, enchanting stones, and a myriad of other useful items.

Currently, players can take part in three Appointment Events: Hell Pit, Harvester of Nightmares, and Siege of Neverwinter. All three of these have occurred in the game before, with the first originally taking place in 2019. There will be a new one added in the future, but all we know about it currently is the name – Day of the Dungeon master.

As noted, Appointment Events are three weeks long, and there are currently three of them. So, you’re looking at nine weeks of earning shared currency to spend with the Appointment Event Vendor – who will be permanently located in the Protector's Enclave.

There are three types of currencies that can be obtained during these events, each of which is used in different stores. The first is the Token of Participation. This is the minimum effort currency and is awarded to players for completing the event's objectives any day during the event. Players can earn up to 42 of these over three weeks, provided they complete all daily and bonus tasks over 21 days. The next currency is the Token of Challenge. These are awarded to players once they hit the 15-day mark of participation. In the end, players can have up to 14 of these. Finally, the last currency is the Token of Achievement. Players will receive only one of these, and only if they complete 14 days' worth of tasks. What that last one means is that players who would like the bigger rewards are going to need to participate in multiple events – hence the whole shared currency thing.

Players wanting to find out more about the event (and maybe get a peek at the items available in the various stores) can find out everything they need to know by hitting up the Appointment Event post on the Neverwinter site.

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