With modern MMOs having so many different types of gameplay — PvE and PvP, open-world and instanced — and single characters being able to fill different roles — today’s tank is tomorrow’s healer — you need the right build for the job. Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios feel your character management pain, and are on the path to introducing loadouts in Neverwinter to make that aspect of the game less of a hassle.

In a preview video posted today Neverwinter Lead Designer Thomas Foss and Lead UI Designer Jules Norcross describe the handy feature. At level 30, you’ll receive a free “blank” loadout that you can trick out with your choice of powers, feats, ability scores, boons, and gear. You’ll be able to swap between your builds with the press of a button at campfires in major cities.

Loadouts will be coming in the upcoming Shroud of Souls update for Neverwinter, which arrives on PC May 2.


  1. If only Guild Wars 2 had implemented this as well. Any games that have a meta where characters need different builds to be the best they can for certain scenarios (PvP, different dungeons/raids etc) should have this implemented.


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