As part of the M17 update, the Neverwinter team is making some serious changes to how players go about modifying their characters’ appearances. The update adds a new appearance system that takes the place of the current transmutation and dye system, making things easier and less of a material hog.

Rather than having players modify individual items every time they get a new one, customization is now based around the slot. This means that when that inevitable upgrade comes along, players only need to slip the new item into the already modified slot and the changes will take effect. Players are going to be spending a lot less on dyes from here on out.

The new system also offers players an appearance library where they can store skins for various items. The downside here is that anything put into the appearance library will be destroyed, but its look can be used at will.

A complete rundown on how to use this new system is available on the Neverwinter site.

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