Perfect World Entertainment has announced the second module/expansion for their DnD inspired MMO Neverwinter. The free expansion will introduce the MMO’s first new class, the Hunter Ranger, who can comfortably fight up close and from afar.

To pull this off, the Ranger utilizes both his bow and a twin set of daggers to dispatch his enemies posthaste. The daggers are more suited towards AOE situations, while the bow offers better single target DPS. Players can toggle between modes during combat and are given additional movement skills in order to keep the class mobile. Beyond just dealing big damage numbers, the Ranger can also provide much needed buffs and crowd control to group environments.

Besides the new class, Shadowmantle expands upon Neverwinter’s ongoing story by adding the Dread Ring campaign, which has players exploring a massive structure built for ritual magic. Unlike the Feywild campaign, Dread Ring will be much less linear and features new loot, rewards, and iconic DnD boss battles. The campaign will culminate with a fight against the undead army of Valindra Shadowmantle (the undead necromancer from the cgi trailer). Players will even get to battle the lich herself.

Existing classes will also receive new Paragon Paths which introduce brand new combat choices. Control Wizards for example, can now learned the art of catching things on fire, while the Guardian Fighter can become more a more proficient Swordmaster. Overall, each added path will provide players one new At-Will, one new Encounter, one new Daily, three Class Features and three Feats.

Perfect World has yet to announce when Shadowmantle is scheduled to go live. However, players can already hop onto the public test shard and try out the new additions for themselves. More information can be found by checking out the official preview here.

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  1. Heh..damn..too little too late. I quit way back when Rogues were top dog and when well played were unstoppable, period. Now there’s a Ranger…and judging from the info, I can already hear the rogues crying about how OP the Ranger is..

  2. Hello all of you PC gamers out there. Have any of you ever played D&D & not 4th editoin CRAP, I mean the good shit. Any edition before that. Well I would like to say Neverwinter would have been 10million X’s better if it was in the proper hands. DDO is way better than Neverwinter by far. & Neverwinter should not have the D&D lable on it since all of the history is all fuked up & they changed it just to make a crappy mmorpg & push it out as fast as they could. If they would have stuck with the 3.5 rules like DDO did it would have been a better game & not a skid mark on a toilet bowl. Cookie cutter classes uh not D&D, So need multiclassing! The Neverwinter mmorpg map is totally different than all Forgotten realmes maps in taple top & PC games. & well the combat & gameplay totally SUCK! I can’t move & swing a sword at the same time, What a bunch of bull shit! Neverwinter is crap I will never play it ever again untill they improve the whole damn thing! I can’t wait for pathfinder online with all of the 3.5 rules with a level cap of 90. Pathfinder will put Neverwinter to shame!

    • Nice rant. Pretty much from the beginning of development they were aiming for certain things which is why they used 4th edition. If they were doing a more traditional D&D game they would of probably used 3.5 rules or earlier. Can’t disagree that the game could of been better. But what you get is what you get and if its not what you want then you’re free to go else where. Freedom is a wonderful thing.

  3. What pisses me off the most is that the Neverwinter Nights (the rpg) fell into very, very wrong hands… now they will chew the rpg until nothing but bones left while making that mmo of theirs no better whatsoever.
    I played their mmo for a bit… damn… almost nothing is like the rpg even the d&d system on which neverwinter nights is based… it doesn’t feel like its there at all, no indications.
    They basically just using the rpg to compensate for their lack of imagination and skills which also conveniently makes it cheap… since they just have to copy stuff from the rpg to their mmo…
    I can’t f@cking wait til pw closes the f@ck down… so that they can’t screw up anymore games with their filthy hands that grow from up the a$$ >.<

    • Firstly the game sucks yes but you a little baby. Secondly they even said WE ARE NOT FOLLOWINGG NEVERWINTER NIGHTS at the start you dim-wit

      • Firstly, f@ck you.
        Secondly, if they ain’t following Neverwinter’s legacy then why the f@ck call their sh!tty game Neverwinter in the first place?
        Fact remains, they screwed up a great rpg of old that could have become the BOMB in the right hands.

        • smh. You got as much sense in your head as a hobo has cents in his pocket. They called it Neverwinter because….its is. First place you’re in….is Neverwinter… You’re trying to save….Neverwinter. Just because it doesn’t follow NWN does mean it has to take on a different name.

          I can’t argue the rest because it could of been better. Not saying its bad though, because it’s not. It just could of been way better.

  4. the stuff on the test server is never the same as when it goes live… so don’t bother testing it out on the test server it will never make it to the live server… and it will take another 5 to 8 months for this patch to go live considering they have so many issues right now with it.

    • I wouldn’t say it sucks ass, especially compared to a lot of other free MMOs.

      Might not be the greatest game ever made, or even in the running, but it’s thoroughly decent.

  5. Enjoyed it, but too many shop transactions needed, not on the level of Swtor, but still not pleasant. Will give the new class a roll when it comes out anyway.


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