New Concept Art Has Been Released For Theorycraft Games’ Title, Loki

The growing studio also adds some impressive new members to their team.

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Loki Concept Art

Theorycraft Games’ fantastical ‘pop-apocalyptic’ game, Loki, has recently shared four beautiful pieces of whimsical concept art for their upcoming title. Taking the art into consideration, as well as the fact that many of the team's developers previously worked on huge titles like League of Legends, Valorant, Destiny, Overwatch, and Halo, players can already see a magical blend of these other game designs in elements of the concept art.

While very little is known about Loki other than the core point being “a genre hybrid, a world of iconic heroes and endless competitive adventure.” The team has been doing an amazing job of keeping the player base updated as the game and studio continues to move forward. For example, on top of delivering concept art images, Theorycraft Games also revealed the addition of some exciting new members to the team. First is former Legends of Runeterra Game Director Andrew Yip and also joining the team is the art supervisor for the League of Legends Netflix show, Arcane, Kévin Le Moigne. CEO Joe Tung said, “Together, we are combining our professional strengths and personal loves for different genres to forge something entirely new with Loki. Andrew's knowledge of deep gameplay systems and Kévin's ability to bring fantastical worlds to life will further our mission to make Loki the rewarding, imaginative experience that we've envisioned since its inception,” in regards to the exciting new hires.

Loki doesn't currently have a release date, however updates can be found in the blog entries on Theorycraft Games’ official site. If players would like to read more in regards to Loki’s concept art, they can also check out the blog post by PC Gamer.

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