The next Smite Season 8 update is scheduled to arrive later this month on February 23. As is typical for Hi-Rez games, the Titan Forge team has already dropped patch notes for update 8.2 – Goddess of the Salt Sea. The update is named after the new addition to the game’s godly lineup that it will be introducing, the second of the Babylonian gods, Tiamat.

She might be a giant winged creature, but in Smite, Tiamat fills the role of a mage-class god. The god features both a flight and ground stance, both of which play a role in some of her abilities. For example, the Death Begets Life ability allows Tiamat to draw health from the deaths of both allies and enemies in their vicinity while in flying stance. However, when in ground stance, she can increase her hardened scales, providing herself with more defense. Of course, since she has flight, she does have a dive attack. (It would probably be weird not to.)

Following Tiamat’s release on February 23 will be a Goddess of the Salt Sea update on March 9. No information has been provided on that beyond the date as of yet. However, the patch notes do list plenty of quality of life changes and bug fixes. Of course, there are bunch of new skins to ogle as well.

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