Just in case you were worried playing as a young girl wouldn’t be an option in NEXON’s upcoming MMORPG Moonlight Blade… Don’t worry, they have you covered. New customizations have been added to female characters to allow players to create rather young looking and tiny girls to play as.

You can see some samples of the new customizations in action in the video above courtesy of Steparu. But it begs a question… where’s the option to play as tween boys?

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    • Same. I don’t really play single player games either but I vouch for them 100x more then MMOs since devs and publishers wanna rip off consumers and not provide decent services and come up with idiotic ideas like this. Just think of all the pedos who will use this type of character to get off on their sick thrills. Besides that I don’t mind this because it’s pretty much a good idea in my opinion. I mean I support playing as a young girl or a young boy because it could help the MMO evolve if we can make our character evolve around our real age from irl in the game. But yeah besides the pedos I support the idea but if all they are gonna do is show off young females then the devs are sick for showing off yet another thing pedos can get off on their thrills.

      • Well Anon,
        What do you think will get more attention:

        1. A video showing a young girl
        2. A video showing a young boy

        Decide for yourself, but I think more people will watch number 1
        So what if only pedo’s watch it. The devs are smart because they can get more attention this way right?

  1. Did the pedo movement gathered signatures didn’t they? my god man, i think i’m gonna stick with Warframe and EVE for some more time…

  2. NEXON ? Great step to kill game before it was even released in West… Great job…
    Get ready for new idiotic Regional restrictions that will cut out player number in one more MMO, get ready for servers that probably are installed on PS1 platform…, and get ready for P2W even if this game is not originally P2W. Best way to kill quite good and interesting project.

    • your post makes no sense, what regional restriction is there? and what about this video spouts “P2W”, The only thing that is cash shop is the outfits. All you are literally doing is killing it for yourself with your ridiculous ideas.

      • He just mean’s that NEXON would restrict most of the countries, NEXON’s excuse was to make the game viable for their hosted server’s, like who the F* is doing PEER2PEER gaming now? like that was ELSWORD and MABINOGI HEROES, but ICARUS is not PEER2PEER and still blocked, its just nonsense and stupidity move by NEXON NA, im looking at beggars begging NEXON Korea to keep NEXON NA alive cuz of stupid S* as blocking a country, waiting for it to DIE and make NEXON KR global, cuz NA sucks too much.

      • I think the person is pointing more towards the fact its nexon rather than the video itself pointing it out, nexon are notorious for getting a perfectly fine F2P game and turning it into a P2W, it is extremely common for them, and region restrictions nexon has also been something they have done such as with GLOBAL Maple Story they made in so that almost nowhere but America and Canada could play it (till the recent merge of GMS and EMS that is), I myself am hoping that nexon does not do their usual antics and keep this game as a true F2P game.

        • nexon hasnt made or published one game worth staying around to play they are all usually the same sort of trash , but now it seems they are going to try to get into the pedo market

          maybe asia has is just turning into a pedophile nation its been changing to this over the last few years . loli is just a more friendly term the pedophiles like to use afterall


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