Part 2 of the Pathfinder update has come to MapleStory. The Pathfinder: Squadron of Heroes update includes a new Party Quest, a new dungeon, and mini-games galore. As we’ve detailed before, the Pathfinder uses a Relic Gauge to unleash big attacks, and you’ll be able to put those to the test in all the new content arriving with today’s update.

The update is titled Pathfinder: Squadron of Heroes, and you’ll be able to take that squadron on a new Ancient Ruins Party Quest or the theme dungeon Partem Ruins. If you’re the antisocial type, you can build up your own hero squad of level 140+ characters to take on the Immortal Gorgons Stheno, Euryale, and Medusa.

Grind out levels even faster during the Double Mega Burning Project, which grants characters an extra level as they go from 10 to 150 (Pathfinder and Zero characters not included), or try out Beast Tamers, back in character creation for a limited time. Between those grand adventures, you can enjoy the new Trailblazer and Bushmaster minigames on Adventure Island.

For more information on the Pathfinder: Squadron of Heroes update, check out the MapleStory site.

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  1. They had these events so many times in the past I practically have like 70% of the classes at LVL 140. There really isn’t much else.


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