Don’t have enough free games in your life? Then maybe you’ll be interested in G.Round, a new platform that lets you sample various indie games for free and earn points that can be redeemed for real-life merchandise.

The three titles currently being promoted include Relic Hunters Legend, a top-down shoot-’em-up; Orphan Age, a simulation game that tasks you with keeping orphans alive in a post-apocalyptic dystopia; and PvE co-op action shooter Wardens Rising. Also being offered are action-platformer Smelter and RPG The Epic. Some of the aforementioned games, like Relic Hunters Legend, are or will be free-to-play at launch, while others, like Smelter, have only a free demo on Steam.

So why should you play them on G.Round? In some cases (like Wardens Rising), the games are otherwise only available via a private test. In any case, though, you’ll earn G.Points for playing games on G.Round, which you can redeem for gear like headphones, gaming mice, tumblers, and more. It looks as though you’ll need to give a review of the game and complete a survey about it, but that at least seems a little more “legit” than a site just giving away stuff for free. Essentially, G.Round is a paid product review service, using regular gamers as a focus group, though the rate of your “pay” is likely to be rather low.

Still, something’s better than nothing, so the next time you hear about some cool indie game on Steam that’s in a testing state, you might want to check out G.Round first to see if you can earn something — even just a little bit — by playing it there first.


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