Earlier this week, we wrote about a new class being teased on the Korean Blade & Soul site. At the time, all we had was a silhouette of a character with a large bladed weapon.

Today, Blade & Soul Producer Jonathan Lien revealed a greatsword-wielding tank in his latest Producer’s Letter. This new class is different from the game’s previous classes in that in order to use some skills it will need to consume HP rather than Focus. Sadly, that’s really all we know about the class right now, as more details are promised to be revealed closer to its release.

The letter did tease some other content that players can expect this year, including the continuation of the Epic Quest: Act 9, a new 12-player raid, new dungeons and more.

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  1. i cant stand this game. I revisited this title about a month ago. After the extremely long download. I had game failing to start isssues. Any case, I got in played to about lv 13 and left. Its bland quest chasing and for those people who want to run through the quests. I found myself out pacing the quest exp, why overwhelm me with more quests than I need to complete the level…. The biggest issue for me apart from the client failing to start, was that the server was lagging. I was like helll no at this point.. — FYI, it was not my internet , I was running a latency checker .

    • My computer seemed to run it perfectly fine. It’s a great game! Especially for it being free! And really, and BnS player will tell you to JUST do the yellow quests. It’s a beautiful game with a “pretty okay, kinda clitche” storyline and unique classes.


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