New War Thunder Trailer Showcases Legendary Soviet Su-25 Attack Aircraft For "Drone Age" Update

One of the prominent symbols of the Soviet War sports an explosive arsenal.

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Su-25 Attack Aircraft

Gaijin Entertainment has released a teaser trailer for the upcoming "Drone Age" update this month for War Thunder that showcases one of the famous symbols of the Soviet War in Afghanistan: the legendary Su-25 attack aircraft. The video also features the "Gruppa Krovi" ("Blood Type") song created by the Soviet rock band "Kino," which reflects the events of the war.

The Su-25 is designed for direct support of ground forces and is capable of operation from unprepared airfields. The attack aircraft comes with a 30-mm rapid-fire cannon, a ballistic calculator to drop unguided weapons from low to medium altitudes, and air-to-surface guided missiles. Additionally, the pilot in the aircraft is protected by an armored capsule made of steel and titanium armor, with the front of the canopy equally secured. Gaijin says it is "a real die-hard, able to survive not only bursts of the .50 bullets" but also "direct hits of the aircraft or AA cannons."

The version of "Gruppa Krovi" recorded by the Baltic Symphony Orchestra and the choir at the Lendok studio made the song exclusively for War Thunder's trailer. The teaser honors the double anniversary of the original song creators, with Musician Peter Salnikov performing the vocals in the trailer. As for the Su-25, War Thunder will feature the original Soviet version of the vehicle and the export version called Su-25K.

You can find more information on the Su-25 and other new content on the game's official website.

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