New World Devs Roll Out Details On Fresh Start Worlds Coming On November 2

Here's your chance to claim the first territory in Aeternum.

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Amazon Games has published a "Rollout Plan" on the Fresh Start Worlds coming on November 2 for New World. Players will start on a blank slate like everyone else for a chance at claiming the first territory in Aeternum. However, there are details to be mindful of before the day arrives.

In their forum post, Amazon presented four rounds of Fresh Start Worlds that will release in order at separate times in different regions. For example, Central Europe's Artemis World will launch at 17:00 Central Time during the first round, while the fourth round sees the US-West's Ennead World release at noon Pacific Time.


The devs also posted a FAQ section that hopes to answer questions players might have before November 2. It includes, but is not limited to, detailing that players will not be able to transfer Worlds, dedicated PvP Only or RP Only Worlds are not in the works at this time, and that the Nightveil Hallow event will not be available on Fresh Start Worlds.

If you're interested, I'd recommend reading through the forum post for more specific details before hopping on a Fresh Start World next week.

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