Netease and released a new trailer highlighting the world of Revelation Online. This three-plus minute trailer is composed of in-game footage and introduces players to the three cities and residents of the world of Nuanor.

It details strongholds, bosses, dungeons and more.

In addition to releasing the new video, the Revelation Online team have also updated their website — which you can check out here.

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  1. Same story over and over again. All mmorpgs have brainless AI, just some more hp and armor. There is no fun playing against some dead AI.

      • I guess, that’s why they don’t invest too much in AI, because of players like you. A normal mob with a complex AI its probably too much for guys like you and you would just give up on the game, and they need you, because you are a big part in the community games. In PVP people RAGE while in PVE well the AI cant rage without giving the permission That is way its more fun to play PVE than to play PVP.

        • Even will complex AI, PvP will always provide more challenge. Inexperienced players will rage, but skilled players will not. PVE is repetitive and boring and imo only for people who lack the skill to actually Pvp

  2. if you guys want some gameplay freaking look it up on youtube simply type ” revelation online gameplay” steparu made some vids for it too its not so hard people

    • The gameplay is fun i played the game on Chinas server and really good optimization and you can even have a mount that carrys 50 ppl and you get wings at lvl 10 and you can fly where ever you want with no limit


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