Nexon Announces New Game Based On Dungeon&Fighter Franchise


So, we don’t know if this is free-to-play yet or not, but it is Nexon, so there is a chance. Today, the company announced an all-new game based on the Dungeon&Fighter franchise, titled DNF Duel (or Dungeon&Fighter Duel). The game is being co-developed by a Nexon susidiary, NEOPLE INC. and the Japanese studio, Arc System Works.

The game was first revealed two days ago in Korea at Nexon’s Dungeon&Fighter Universe Festival. Unfortunately, they haven’t been incredibly forthcoming with details on the game just yet. That said, there was a short trailer, with some gameplay and cutscene action. The trailer, provided by GrowTube TV, comes to us alongside other news on the WCCFTech website where the real headline is Project BBQ, the Dungeon Fighter Online 3D being developed by the same studio. There’s also apparently a mobile game. As with DNF Duel, we don’t know a lot about these games yet.


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