Nexon Announces New Game, Developed By Halo Veterans

Jason Winter
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Nexon's got a new competitive multiplayer game brewing, and it's utilizing talent from some of the biggest studios in gaming.

The publisher's North American branch today announced a relationship with First Strike Games, a new Seattle-based developer with an "unbeatable background in multiplayer games," according to Nexon President and CEO Owen Mahoney. First Strike is led by CEO Kevin Franklin, formerly of 343 Industries and EA Blackbox.

As for the game being developed? It doesn't have a title yet, or at least one that First Strike and Nexon are willing to share. The studio's founders were heavily involved in the development of Halo 5: Guardians, so we'd have to guess an FPS of some flavor. Job listings on the First Strike site require PC and console experience and the Senior Progression Designer listing mentions monetization.

That last part doesn't guarantee that the game will be free-to-play, but, along with Nexon's involvement, things would seem to lean in that direction. Of course, LawBreakers -- another Nexon-published title -- was also originally F2P before changing course and going buy-to-play. We'll keep an eye on this new title at least until its monetization method is announced.

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Ne卍on 7 years ago
Halo 5 was the weakest link in the franchise.

DarkAges 7 years ago
Lost my love for Nexon when Kru Interactive bought Dark Ages

porco rosso 7 years ago
i wonder if nexon are forsaking their old games dor the sake of new onea once they feel they are done milking them.. or is it just ny imagination

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