The second season of Conqueror’s Blade, Wrath of the Nomads, kicks off on Dec. 19, bringing with it invaders and their units from the steppes, new maps, and more. The Sons of the Steppes unit line comprises six new units, ranging from tiers three to five, which need to be unlocked through a series of special challenges, after which they’ll be available at zero Honor cost.

The three new battlegrounds are Allenburg for siege battles, Emerald River for 15v15 field battles, and Cliff Duel for deathmatches. There’s no word on if you can shove someone over that cliff, but it would be neat, wouldn’t it?

Finally, there’s a season pass to go along with the new content, featuring 100 levels of content and exclusive cosmetic rewards, all with a distinctly nomadic flair. My.Games has also “made it even easier to blaze through the lower levels and rack up rewards at a much faster pace,” so you needn’t be concerned about how long it will take you to score that sweet antlered-skull helm.

For more on the upcoming season, check out the Conqueror’s Blade site.


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