After A Delay, New World's "Barnacles & Black Powder" Expedition Introduces New Mutation Set And Game Fixes

After a short delay, fans can now experience the latest Expedition.

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New World Barnacles & Black Powder

Amazon Games has finally released New World's latest Expedition, "Barnacles & Black Powder," after a short delay. The patch includes a new Mutation set and some notable game changes following last week's hotfixes.

Players will need to swing by Cutlass Keys to start the new Expedition. The arrival of Admiral Blackpowder and his dangerous crew is shaking things up in the Cutlass Keys settlement and the new docks on the eastern shoreline. Each location has quest givers offering loot and renown for defeating the Admiral and his lackeys. With the coming of the Expedition, three new Mutations will join the rotation:

"Icebound" deals ice damage, applies slow, and spawns glacial AOE crystals with debilitation effects. Next, "Oppressive" bolsters enemies with mana draining powers and can prevent players from using abilities for a short period. "Frenzied" applies Curses to players that dodge and are stackable, dealing damage over time and detonating at three stacks.

For game fixes, Amazon Games resolved issues with PvP Arenas and other modes counting toward Expedition run limits, and no longer will open-world combat music override the Expedition soundtrack. Additionally, the company has fixed a handful of rare server crashes and errors, solved falsely reported World Transfer conditions, and added a "speculative fix" for an issue that made far away players and objects appear frozen.

You can read the patch notes on the official New World website to learn more!

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