New World Update 1.6.1 Is Here With Some Hot Fixes, But Not The Expedition

Vials of Azoth have been re-enabled for use, including salvage.

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New World 1.6.1

New World’s latest patch isn't all too juicy, but it does have a few notable fixes. To start, the maximum daily expedition limit will be temporarily changed from 15 to 25. This is because of an issue where 3v3 PvP Arenas and other modes are consuming run counts, so the total personal allotment has been bumped until a permanent fix has been made.

As for the Summer Medleyfaire Event, a few changes have been made. First, a unique event background for the Aeternum Sturgeon Hotspot tooltip has been added to the game. Also, the “Unstuck” function is now disabled when playing an instrument in a Musical Performance.

Lastly, an issue has been fixed that prevented players from salvaging additional Azoth Vials if they were capped. It will now only let you salvage enough to put you at cap and will not over-salvage, preventing waste.

That said, the anticipated "Barnacles and Black Powder" expedition has been delayed and will not be in this patch. The team posted to the forums with the news, saying additional testing uncovered an issue with the expedition and there is no release date at the moment.

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