Not content with their recent $3.986,929 Kickstarter success Project Eternity, Obsidian Entertainment has been announced as the co-developers of an upcoming free-to-play MMO Skyforge. What’s more, the developers will be working in conjunction with Allods Online developer Allods Team.

News of the MMO broke at the KRI 2013, a Russian Game Developer’s Conference I admittedly have never heard of. There was an accompanying press release regarding the announcement, but it’s in Russian. If by fate and happenstance one of you speak Russian, feel free and read the writeup here and let us all know what it says.

The video above is an announcement trailer for the game that came out back in 2012, before Obsidian had become involved in the project. You can catch a glimpse of the gameplay if you start the video at 7 minutes.

Thanks, PCGamer.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. I see this game being a fail.First Obsidian Entertainment is a crap dev these days.The one original IP they released in the last 10 years was a flop.Filled with bugs and piss poor AI.And even IPs they worked on for other companies were less then spectacular.Second Allods dev is notorious for p2w.So much so they make PWE look less greedy.The footage didn’t inspire any excitement.It looked very been there done that.But I’ll wait til it releases and reserve final judgement on the game.

  2. I played allods and it was a great game but, when I found out mounts where cash shop only I just quit. What a shame what seemed like a good game ruined by a cash shop. Im not totally against cash shops I do use them but allods took it to far.

    I hope they learn from there mistakes, an obsidian this could stain that company eternally and im sure they know that teaming up with the devs of allods so there might be hope.

    • i liked allods pretty well also till i had got enough of trying to save up to buy a ship and slipped over to Aion and a couple other games like TF2 and a couple more i’d have to look up to spell

  3. Allods has fine graphics and good portion of humor and ultimate p2w model: there’s no limit of being out of ballance. More u pay – more u OP

    • expect much more ? like what ? jet sharks and bear cavalry ?
      final product may be good or bad but making conclusions from early videos is amazingly unreasonable.

  4. Some information:
    Development started in 2010
    Target system (oh, sad)
    Own engine
    15 classes
    BIG WORLD, fantasy + some futuristic technologies
    When released – nobody knows
    Trying to do f2p aaa mmo

    I’m not interested in this game, so maybe another player from Russia will translate some new information.

  5. Well what the russian article says pretty much is, they are happy to announce that Obsidian is going to take part in the project, and there’s a few words by Feargus Urquhart, the guy from Black Isle studios and Interplay who was on of the people who made the games listed – Baldur’s Gate etc.
    He says he’s happy to take part in such a big and interesting project and that he’s confident they will succeed in making a superb quality game.
    Then the Allods team come in saying that Skyforge is the biggest video game project in russian history and that they are sure that they are going to and are currently setting MMO standards, and that no russian developer has ever before worked with such a high profile foreign company.

    Also from what I get, the game will have 15 unique classes, and have no levels, so there will be some other kind of progression that could be related to something else other than experience. I could be wrong since russian isn’t even my 3rd language. ~~

  6. well for all you have to hate, you have to admit it works.. pay to win seems to work because of marketing strategies… have to accept that pay to win games need to exist. they wouldn’t be there if they didn’t work. some people may not like them but others do, not me myself very much. i would just like the world to be accepted of pay to wins a little more. its like you condone a game because you can buy power, in the end its all casual and for fun. now if a dedicated game tailored for actual skilled players and widely known competitive play were to be pay to win.then i could understand the hate. most of these companies have nothing else to offer to competitors like WoW or LoL. they need to do these things in order to be able to compete. and also most of these game styles are catered towards eastern audiences. so god just take this stuff with a grain of salt. and go back to whatever game you like and stop making it worse for other people. like what you like.

  7. Obsidian announcing yet another project, what happened to the Wheel of Time game you supposedly start making… 5 years ago? :X

  8. A developer known for releasing notoriously buggy games that has no experience with MMORPG’s (Obsidian) and a Russian Pay to Win developer with nothing but Allods Online to their name decide to team up to make a game. This sure doesn’t sound like the A-Team to me.

  9. As far as I know, is all about money-sucking p2w bs. And they dare to compare worlds with WoW? pfft -.-

    • The most unordinary thing about this game is that there is no such thing as “character level” and “experience” in it. Otherwise it’s probably going to be very ordinary indeed. Technology & magic, tab-targeting, 15 classes (some of them very exotic according to the official FAQ). Sounds rather ordinary to me except for “no levels” thing.

      • Re-mounted and I don’t speak Russian. Please upload something a bit more ‘universal’ next time.

        Anyway, looks like a good game…

        • Of course you don’t. ;P But I do. They don’t tell anything interesting in this video. There’s endless blabbering about how great they think they are and how great it is to be as great as they are. Which undoubtedly must lead to creation of equally great game (reminds me some EA teasers *shrugs*). They don’t tell much about the game itself though. Apart from the fact that it’s absolutely going to be so very great.

          Anyway.. I’m as surprised to see a video in Russian on this site as everyone else. I doubt there’s alot of Russian-speaking people here.

          P.S. I think MMOBomb should make a “foreign friday” episode featuring this game when they can. It’s set to come out (or enter open beta stage or whatever the publisher means by “release date”) in Russia some time this year. At least their official news article says so.

        • lol i know some russian and they talk about general stuff – about their bio and how the game is gonna be something big….. buuuuut it wont šŸ˜€


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