Wizards have got some new stomping ground, as spellcasting action PVP Magicka: Wizard Wars has stopped their beta blockers and officially gone into open beta. This battle of arcane magic and fancy robes is now available to download for everyone, as it makes further progress toward release.

Open beta brings those who have already been mastering the wand some new content, such as a new Wizard Warfare map that takes place within dark caves known as Galdrhöll Halls. Also within the new content is “Raise Dead” magic which provides dark magic that would normally be found from a necromancer, raising zombies to fight for their cause.

A collection of staffs, robes and skins were also delivered with the recent advance, giving the common mage a little more to choose from when picking out their wardrobe. Starter packs for Magicka: Wizard Wars can be found here.

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  1. I tried it & it seems interesting. Yeah asKuruotatsu said it has some serever probs atm but they working on and adding servers. I wish it has more content to buy with the ingame cash/crowns but i;m sure they will add over the time as it still beta.


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