Old School Runescape Players Vote For Sailing As The First New Skill In 17 Years

The votes are in, the totals have been tallied, and a winner has been announced.

Troy Blackburn
By Troy Blackburn, News Editor Posted:

Old School Runescape Sailing

It's official. Following weeks of back-and-forth debate, Old School Runescape players have voted for a new skill to be further refined and hopefully added to the game. The Sailing skill has won a close vote as a collective "arrr" can be heard on the wind from all of the players who want to be pirates.

The Sailing skill line took the win with 59.1% of the votes (a total of 105,799 votes). 178,951 players took part in the poll to determine the next skill line to be refined in the game.

Here's a breakdown of how the votes went:

(Note that this was a multiple choice vote, so totals equal more than 100% since players could choose multiple options)

Question 1 - After reading the new skill pitch blog, which concept(s) for a new skill in OSRS would you be happy to see refined further? Select all that apply.

-Sailing - 59.1% (105,799 votes)

-Shamanism - 58.8% (105,208 votes)

-Taming - 39.9% (71,290 votes)

Question 2 - Which new skill pitch is your favorite?

-Sailing - 36.4% (64,248 votes)

-Shamanism - 33.4% (58,926 votes)

-Taming - 17.9% (31,631 votes)

-I didn't like any of them - 12.4% (21,841 votes)

There you have it, Old School Runescape could soon be getting a feature a lot of other MMORPGs lack.

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