Maple Media announced the upcoming launch of Alpha testing for its free-to-play sandbox MMO SamuTale today. Beginning September 14, all silver+ founders will be granted access — as well as the task of helping to squash those big bugs and weigh in on game balance.

Others wanting to participate in the Alpha have two ways to get in on the action. The first, of course, is to sign up via the alpha form and wait for a potential key. (There are no promises here.) The second option — which offers guaranteed access — is to purchase one of the game’s Founder’s Packs.

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  1. Seems like a softcore version of Salem. It probably has a far better engine and graphics, but just doesn’t have the style Salem has. Probably has a more dynamic and much less punishing system than Salem with quicker progression and somewhat traditional approach to the genre.

    I think I’ll take a look when it’s released, but I sense a strong playwall around it. (What Salem also doen’t have, but it has a “timewall” instead, if you can’t spend 30 hours a day playing it, you will never be able to raise your character to a satisfying strength…)

    • Salem is garbage, the game was abandoned by the first company for a reason. The main developers, who also are the ones who took from the other company’s hands, are the most scumbag developers you can find. They don’t listen to feedback, they implement overly complicated, annoying, and unnecessary features just for the hell of it.

      They’re also abusive, whether it’s trolling to intentionally breaking players characters for fun. I would never trust a game like that. Even a paywall is better than that stupid game.

      • I stopped playing Salem, because I had not enough time to spend on it, also I was playing alone. In the forum it seemed that the developers really care about the game and the playerbase and the community is extremely small but incredibly great. What I liked about the game was its style and concept, but brutally hated the Java client and the clunky controlls.


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