Crytek has introduced an all new co-op mode to its free-to-play online shooter Warface. Titled “Operation Earth Shaker,” the new challenge has players taking on an enemy base constructed inside a volcano. As they progress through the volcano, players will find themselves assaulted on all sides by five different types of advanced gun turrets defending the base. Each of these turrets can only be dispatched by players working together as a team. Going it alone won’t work.

Players who successfully make their way through the base will be faced with a powerful new boss — some sort of “high-tech security.” The boss is there to protect a Seismic Activity Generator placed in the volcano, until it’s ready to be detonated.

For more information on the new co-op mode, be sure to hit up the Warface site.

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  1. Warface as it is right now is the best Free to Play shooter available. Every weapon or gear piece is achievable by playing and can be permanently unlocked. I was playing since beta and i can say that before it was lot of pay 2 win but right now player that buys premium currency have advantage only in speed of ranking up and gaining game currency.

    • It’s better than the usual tripe, I’ll give it that. The random boxes with superior weapons hold it back from being truly ethical though. They are purchased with the ‘free’ currency but RNG + the ability to directly buy that currency with a credit card makes this game borderline P2W.
      Games like Blacklight Retribution (thanks to a recent update) and Gear Up have much more ethical business models.

    • 100% agree! really love this game BUT! i live in Georgia (EU) and only server that i can play is s.h.i.t.t.y russian agent version.. thats why i don’t play it that’s why i want to f.u.c.k idiot mothers of this idea


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