Pantheon: Rise Of The Fallen Reveals Pre-Alpha Testing Results, Sevil Manor, And Updated Wellpond In Recent Stream

Supposedly the next pre-alpha test may be around the corner.

Anthony Jones
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Pantheon: Rise Of The Fallen Update Stream

On this month's Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen update stream, the devs discussed the pre-alpha testing results on the first two days of October for backers, revealed a new spooky Sevil Manor dungeon, and presented a fresh look at The Wellpond zone. Alongside their talking points, Visionary Realms hinted at a new pre-alpha test that will come "sooner than anyone's expecting."

Starting with the pre-alpha testing that ran for about 15 hours, the devs revealed they managed to have 500 testers on one server and zone without any crazy issues. Visionary was quite surprised and satisfied with the server feat, but they did come across some bumps in the road.

There were technical hiccups that the devs were able to patch in real time so backers could keep playing Pantheon. Eventually, the test wrapped up successfully after players got to experience new lingering threats during the nighttime and in-game activities that brought the community closer.

The stream also revealed an eerie Sevil Manor dungeon. Visionary showed a brief visual look at its concept artwork with a voiced lore dump over the displayed images. While there wasn't any in-game footage for Sevil Manor, the devs exhibited The Wellpond map in Wild's End with a more revitalized look since its early preview. Backers might gain more insight into these locations depending on when the next pre-alpha test rolls out.

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