PoE Awakening

The latest beta report for Path of Exile: The Awakening is a little less cheery than previous missives, but still contains a few optimistic bits for players waiting anxiously for the new content to drop.

First, the bad news: As Designer Carl de Visser says, “A late-June launch is very unlikely at this point,” and early July is the new target. Also, some players were exploiting a repeated crash for their own personal benefit and have been removed from the beta. “But aren’t crashes in beta tests good?” you might ask. As de Visser notes:

“While we appreciate crashes being found, we don’t need many to see it in the logs. Repeated ongoing crashes is not healthy for the servers (which also run the live realm), and using those crashes for economic gain also messes with our ability to properly assess aspects of the beta.”

On the positive side, more beta servers were added, and the Deterministic Lockstep system is coming along nicely following its first test among a large population. Also, the Diviniation Card Submission page is now active, allowing Highgate supporters to submit their designs, and there are only 698 outstanding issues waiting to be addressed before release. This being Path of Exile, we’re pretty sure that 697 of them aren’t “What can we add to the cash shop?”

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  1. Playing the beta it dosen’t really feel like there are that many issues.
    The new servers have made a big diffrence to a lot of players…for some in the US it’s their first time getting below 100ms which makes a huge diffrence to sync on the predictive mode and makes lockstep much more smooth.

    And lockstep…omfg dose it feel good if your latency is stable, i’ve yet to try the current king of desync(flickerstrike with multi strike) but the usual running through tight passages filled with monsters dose not have you rubberbanding


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