Grinding Gear Games has another beta update for The Awakening, the Path of Exile expansion due out… well, just about any day now.

In the thread, designer Carl de Visser knocks down the “known issues” count to 295 from last week’s 530, and it all seems to be smooth sailing from here on out. There’s a new patch scheduled for later this week, with just a couple of issues left to be resolved before it can be deployed, and a countdown to launch should be up on the main site shortly.

GGG has been pegging late June/early July for the release of the expansion, and it’s nice to see a game company apparently keeping its word regarding a release date. Really, is there anything these guys can’t do right?

UPDATE: And now we’ve got a launch date, July 10, and a trailer for The Awakening:

And, as if that wasn’t good enough, GGG is adding two new challenge leagues alongside the launch of the expansion:

You can check out all the info regarding the expansion, from the new skills, items, jewels, quality-of-life improvements, and everything else, in this post on the Path of Exile forums.

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  1. Not only are GGG keeping to there expected release date. they have done so consecutiveley since launch. GGG are the only main mmo I know of right now that release major content updates on this 4 month schedule. It dose make you wonder how come it can take so long for companies like blizzard to come up with this big epic life changing expansions that players steamroll through in a week .

    • The only other game I know that updates content like PoE is GW2 but I haven’t played in awhile so i’m not sure if they are still on that 3-4 month new content model.

      Blizzard is so deep in the trash can it isn’t even funny. It’s so sad to see a company that produced some of the most iconic games in PC history turn into what they have become. To call that pathetic game “Diablo” is a travesty. My 9 year old cousin has a level 200+ paragon character on hardcore and blows through all the content mashing 2 keys. He tried PoE for a month and could get past Act 1 Merciless.

      Its pretty clear that Blizzard is only motivated by money at this point, they don’t care about the content they release anymore.

  2. Yeah, they doing so much right it’s starting to feel that the world will be a better place if we put them to run it.


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