Grinding Gear Games has announced a major update to their ARPG Path of Exile. Update 0.11.0 will release on June 5th, and adds two new experimental leagues, Anarchy and Onslaught to the roster for the next four months.

In the Anarchy League, players will encounter special NPCs, referred to as “rogues exiles”, that have the strengths and abilities of human players. Killing one rewards you with a large amount of loot, with the amount based on the number of equip slots the player has. Onslaught, however, is for the people that found the Hardcore league too easy. To alleviate the boredom of combat against such weak threats, the developers increased the attack, cast, and movement speed of all the monsters, similar to the Turbo events, but lasting longer.

One important note, each of the league’s new features are unique to that specific league, but Grinding Gear Games is thinking about mixing them together for future hardcore leagues. Both leagues will have unique items added to them, with some items available to both, and others specific to a particular league.

Additionally, both leagues are receiving challenges for players to complete over the next four months. Players that manage to fulfill all eight cross-league requirements and maintain them until October 8th will be rewarded with a real life t-shirt. Certainly sounds like a lot of work for a t-shirt, but I guess IRL ones are worth the effort.

The new patch does more than just add new leagues however. Grinding Gear Games have also done some major re-balancing, added a new currency item, item allocation updates, and a single passive skill reset so players can adjust their builds after the re-balance.

For more information (which there is certainly a lot of) on update 0.11.0 you can check out the update page here.

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  1. PoE is based on Diablo style, but it’s definitely better than Diablo 3. For me D3, was big failure, as for many other fans of this series. Well, Path of Exile has advantage, that they fix thins where D3 failed. Anyway, it’s a great game with big potential.
    PS. WoW wasn’t first mmo, who thinks that, he should shoot himself immediately. Try google Ultima Online for example. (gosh, why is internet full of dumb ppl who don’t even use google before they write some bullshit)

  2. yet another Diablo remake. they need to stop remaking the original cause the original will always be better. same for League of Legends.

    • calling it another Diablo remake is kinda late don’t ya think. they made it, people loved it, its over… the original will not always be better, people are always looking to improve themselves, if you think your satisfied with whats now then you’ve stopped dead end my fren.

    • Try playing PoE and you’ll see you can’t even compare this game to diablo. The game mechanics and the way everything works is so different then diablo that you can in no way say it’s a copy or remake.

      The only thing they have in common is the genre.

  3. I enjoyd D3 many hours. I tried PoE but…hm, still boring for me. Not saying its bad. Tried Torchlight 2. Same as PoE. Maybe im just burned out of this genre or i just grew out of this mindless farming for no reason at all.
    Anyways, nice to see they keep up coming with new things.


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