In the next step toward their ongoing crusade for world domination through free-to-play gaming, Perfect World Entertainment has added its first non-PWE game to its Arc platform: GamersFirst’s APB: Reloaded.

Path of Exile is also slated to join the Arc lineup later this year, as will Warframe once PWE’s purchase of Digital Extremes is complete.

As we mentioned a few weeks back, Perfect World is definitely looking to establish itself as the go-to hub for a lot of F2P games, including ones not of their own making. Even if you don’t like Perfect World (or even APB), there shouldn’t be any issue with them adding games to their Arc portfolio, especially well-regarded ones like Path of Exile, right?


  1. APB was a really good game but those threat system changes and updates made the game became bad. Its even worse now when they let PWE in.

  2. Pls make a good research before saying stuff like Warframe being bought by PWE, this is wrong and only makes people start a riot when there’s no need for it.

  3. If PWE does get some rights to Path of Exile, that’s going to be just it, “a little” rights to the game. Steam pretty much already has majority of the sales, and downloads of Path of Exile, so I doubt players going through ARC would do anything to the game.

    Largest Free to Play Hub is already taken by Aeria Games anyways, considering they have a crap ton more games than PWE. That being said, Aeria Games seems to be more “Child Friendly”.

    APB was a good game, but poor choices were made, especially when it came to matchmaking. This is what killed the game not only once, but TWICE! Why on earth would anyone want to revive such an unfair game? To top it off, PWE is going to charge an arm and a leg for everything, further turning people away from APB.

    It’s a shame APB never really updated with new maps, new modes, and just in general updated itself period. Another reason why the game died twice, because people expect on-going content, yet, nothing was every done about it. Just the same old unfair game two times in a row.

    They say “Third time’s a charm”, unfortunately, I doubt that’g going to work on APB.

  4. I know this is not related to the current issue but at the moment one of PWE games Star Trek Online is having a huge discussion over new content. This new content in many people’s opinions and others have cheated many people of their wallets as they made all the Tier 5 Ships they bought worthless…(power creep). I would be careful looking at their marketing practices if they do have APB….

  5. Please MMO Bomb, you can’t confirm the information about warframe, please stop being ignorant trolls just to get traffic to your crap-tastic site. Its shameful and discredits you completely.

    • Troll gtfo, and it has been confirmed that PWE has gotten warframe. So instead of blaming MMO bomb for factual info go look it up yourself.

      • Actually nothing has been confirmed. So yes, this could very well be a clever ruse by MMO bomb. Save your hysteria for actual confirmation.

      • Look it up where? in the official warframe forum? in the specific thread made by [DE] Steve himself? where he personally said warframe will never be sold to anyone?

        • [DE] Steve NEVER said “warframe will never be sold to anyone” …the closest thing to that was “we are intent on having Warframe’s design remain in the hands of Digital Extremes”

          Which is pretty plainly “cover your butt PR speak” that essentially amounts to empty air. You can “intend” all you want, but Steve is only a designer and not in charge of stuff like blocking the purchase of DE.

  6. I will treat PWE like shit if they take warframe and turn it into a pachinko machine like their other games. It doesnt deserve to be touched by the piece of shit PWE holds in its hand, anything that said shit touches turn into a slots machine.

  7. APB was already bad enough, but then PWE goes and throws the game on Arc. Good! Sounds like the best place for it imo.

    As for PoE and Warframe, I’ve played both. They don’t feel like they should be on Arc or anywhere near PWE.. Sad day. Sad, sad day indeed..


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