Okay, we’re going to go ahead and cop to being a bit late on this, as the sun setting of both Battle of the Immortals and War of the Immortals was apparently announced mid-December. Unfortunately, no one really seemed to notice until today when MassivelyOP posted about it (after being tipped off by one of their readers).

Both games are set to close their doors on January 9th. (I was almost going to say “forever,” but with the way games are dropped and picked back up by someone else later, it’s probably better not to.) Perfect World offered refunds — in the form of Arc credit — to players of both games for any payments made between September 1st and December 14th. Arc Points were refunded to player accounts as well. Refunds should have been delivered around December 22nd, according to the original posts.


  1. I liked both BOTI and WOTI and played the previous for a fairly long time. They are pretty fun but, unfortunately, they were seriously pay2win, and the later was just a worse rehash of the first.


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